AI-Powered Patent Charts

Upgrade your review process.

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Focus on the Essential

Avoid boilerplate and save time reviewing.


Assess Claim Scope

Review claims and supporting specification, side-by-side.

Prior Art

Chart Prior Art

Automatically map claim elements to prior art patents or non-patent literature.

Why try Patentmark?
Improve your review process with claim charts for every patent.
A claim chart is a great tool for understanding a patent.
Professionals rely on claim charts to highlight substance.
But claim charts take lots of time to create!
Only a few patents, after extensive review, are ever charted.
Patentmark builds claim charts quickly and automatically.
Now you can start your review with a chart to guide you!
Final Product
Go from Review to Final Product Quickly
Patentmark makes it easy to prepare a final chart, ready for examiners, judges, or colleagues.

Editable Word Files

Need a specific format for your project?

Get a headstart with claim language and citations ready-to-go, in a format your team understands.


Tired of counting lines?

Patentmark includes pincites to the specific column and line numbers in published U.S. patents.

Authoritative Text

Wasting time typing in quotes from patents?

Patentmark uses the original text from the issuing patent office, whenever possible.